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Papers and books on MPEG


This is an incomplete list of book and papers and is no way an endorsement of their content. It is placed here as a convenience for those seeking information about MPEG standards. If you are aware of other informational material about MPEG specifications please feel free to inform the contact point about it






Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Point Cloud

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology

vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 828-842, April 2017  

The MPEG-7 Video Signature Tools for Content Identification

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology

vol.22, no.7, pp.1050-1063, July 2012

MPEG-V and Other Standards

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Volume 4, Number 3

Special Issue: Reconfigurable Video Coding

Journal of Signal Processing Systems

Volume 63, Number 2 / May 2011

Special Issue on the AVC video coding standard

IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology

Vol. 13, number 7, July 2003

Special issue on MPEG-7

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 

Vol. 11, Issue: 6, June 2001

Special Issue on MPEG-7 Technology

Image Communication

September 2000

Tutorial Issue on MPEG-4

Image Communication

December 1999

Special Issue on MPEG-4

Image Communication

May and June 1997

Special Issue on MPEG-4

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology

I, February 1997



John Arnold, Michael Frater & Mark Pickering

Digital Television: Technology and Standards

Hervé Benoit

Digital Television: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and Principles of the DVB System

Alois Bock

'Video Compression Systems', IET, ISBN 0863419631

Marina Bosi and Richard E. Goldberg

Introduction to digital audio coding and standards

Al Bovick (ed.)

Handbook of Image and Video Processing

Tolga K. Capin, Igor S. Pandzic, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann and Daniel Thalmann

Avatars in Netowrked Virtual Environments 

Richard Steven Chernock (ed), et al

Data Broadcasting: Understanding The ATSC Data Broadcast Standard

Xuemin Chen

Transporting Compressed Digital Video

Leonardo Chiariglione (Ed.)

The MPEG Representation of Digital Media

Klaus Diepold, Martin Jacklin and Sebastian Moeritz

A Practical Guide to MPEG-4

Markus Flierl and Bernd Girod

Video Coding with Superimposed Motion-Compensated Signals: Applications to H.264 and Beyond

Barry G. Haskell, et al.

Digital Video: An Introduction to Mpeg-2

Dzung-Tien Hoanh and Jeffrey Vitter

Efficient Algorithms for MPEG Video Compression

Hari Kalva

Delivering MPEG-4 Based Audio-Visual Services

Harald Kosch

Distributed Multimedia Database Technologies Supported by MPEG-7 and MPEG-21

Peter Kuhn

Algorithms, Complexity Analysis and Vlsi Architectures for Mpeg-4 Motion Estimation

Artur Lugmayr et al.

Digital Interactive TV and Metadata - Future Broadcast Multimedia

BS Manjunath et. al

Introduction to MPEG-7

Donald C. Mead

Direct Broadcast Satellite Communications: MPEG Enabled Service

Joan L. Mitchell (ed.), et al.

Mpeg Video: Compression Standard

Farzin Mokhtarian and Miroslaw Bober

Curvature Scale Space Representation: Theory, Applications, & MPEG-7 Standardization

Jens-Rainer Ohm

Multimedia Communication Technology

Sakae Okubo  (ed.), et al.

H.264/AVC Textbook

Michael Orzessek

ATM & MPEG-2: Integrating Digital Video Into Broadband Networks

Igor S. Pandzic and Robert Forchheimer

MPEG-4 Facial Animation: The Standard, Implementation and Applications

Fernando Pereira and Touradj Ebrahimi (eds)

The MPEG-4 book

Charles Poynton

Digital Video and HDTV: Algorithms and Interfaces

Atul Puri, Tsuhan Chen (eds)

Advances in Multimedia, Standards and Networks

Iain E.G. Richardson

Video Codec Design

Jim Taylor

DVD Demystified

Jan van der Meer

Fundamentals and Evolution of MPEG-2 Systems - Paving the MPEG Road

Aaron Walsh, Mikaël Bourges-Sevenier

MPEG-4 Jump-Start

John Watkinson

Mpeg 2

John Watkinson

MPEG Handbook