The Moving Picture Experts Group

Ad hoc groups

WG11 may decide to establish ad-hoc groups. These are governed by the following operating rules:

  1. AHGs are established for the sole purpose of continuing work between consecutive WG11 meetings. They are established by WG11 and report to it;
  2. The task of an AHG may only cover preparation of recommendations to be submitted to WG11. Any other document produced has the status of "input document" to the following regular WG11 meeting;
  3. The duration of an AHG is normally limited to the period between 2 successive meetings of WG11. They cease to exist at the start of a WG11 meeting.
  4. AHGs shall be established with mandate, membership, chairman, duration and meeting schedule at a WG11 meeting;
  5. A numbered WG11 document will describe the items listed above in 4;
  6. Participation in AHGs shall not be restricted to the delegates present at the meeting during which the AHG is established;
  7. AHGs shall issue a report upon completion of their task. The report shall be delivered to the Convenor at the start of the WG11 meeting marking the end of the AHG.
  8. The report shall be a numbered WG11 document;
  9. Members of an AHG may be given shorter notice of meetings (including agenda) by the AHG chairman in writing. Such notice shall be given by the chairman not less than two weeks in advance of the proposed meeting. Should any member of the AHG object in writing, meetings shall be held according to a meeting notice distributed four months in advance and no less than three months, or according to the formally established meeting schedule for that AHG. The Convenor shall be consulted by the Chairman on any intention to convene an unplanned meeting.
  10. The Convenor must receive copy of all correspondence exchanged between members of the AHG.
  11. The use of electronic mail for a successful execution of the mandate is encouraged. This, however, is to be restricted to the members of the AHG.
  12. Members are free to post their own documents or submissions to MPEG meetings to AHG reflectors. Members are reminded, however, that they are not entitled to post submissions to the MPEG FTP site made by other members to AHG reflectors.

The list of the latest ad hoc groups can be found under "ad hoc groups" of the last meeting.