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MPEG Media Transport

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MMT aims to overcome current limitations of available standards for media streaming by addressing streaming format that is transport- and file format friendly, cross-layer optimised between video and transport layer, error resilient for MPEG streams, convertible between transport mechanisms and content adaptation to different networks.

3D Audio

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A standard for 3-D Audio" in which there may be many loudspeakers used in the audio presentation and "Audio for new video presentation" in which the video will very high resolution (as in HEVC) that permits a closer viewing distance such that the user is within the audio near field

Signalling, backward compatibility and display adaptation for HDR/WCG video

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A technical report describing Signalling, Backward Compatibility and Display Adaptation for HDR/WCG Video Coding. This report complements and extends work in another report, "Conversion and Coding Practices for HDR/WCG Y′CbCr 4:2:0 Video with PQ Transfer Characteristics". Specifically, this report expands on the application of ICtCp, HLG, and SEI messages in the coding of high dynamic range and wide colour gamut (HDR/WCG) video.