The Moving Picture Experts Group

Media Context and Control

Standard: MPEG-B
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-B 13 White paper on Media Orchestration This paper talks on Media Orchestration technologies.
Standard: MPEG-V
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-V 2 Control Information This standard specifies syntax and semantics of the tools required to provide interoperability in controlling devices in real as well as virtual world and covers ser’s sensory effect preferences, sensory device capabilities, and sensor capabilities .
MPEG-V 3 Sensory Information This standards specifies the digital representation of information for senses other than vision or audition, e.g., olfaction, mechanoreception, equilibrioception, thermo(re)ception, or proprioception.
MPEG-V 4 Virtual World Object Characteristics Standard for a set of types used to characterize metadata of virtual world objects (avatars) to make it possible to migrate a virtual object or its characteristics from one virtual world to another and control a virtual world object in a virtual world by real word devices.
MPEG-V 6 Common Types and Tools Standard for syntax and semantics of datatypes and tools common to the tools defined in other parts of MPEG-V
Standard: MPEG-IoMT
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-IoMT 1 IoMT white paper This is for explaining IoMT standard.
Standard: Exploration
Standard Part # Part name Description
Exploration 18 3D Printing A 3D Printer is seen as an actuator in MPEG-V