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Media Linking Application Format

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Media Linking Application Format (MLAF), formally referenced as ISO/IEC 23000-18, is an ISO/IEC international standard proposed by and developed with major contributions from the EU BRIDGET project members between 2015 and 2016. Its purpose is that of providing a common and shareable format for exchanging and storing media linking information in an application-agnostic way. Media objects being interlinked can be of any nature, as per ISO/IEC 21000-2 (MPEG-21 Digital Item) definition, and can be associated to extensive descriptive metadata. MLAF can be exploited by all entities interested in producing and monetizing linking information, including media producers, advertisers, broadcasters and end users. The impact of MLAF would be that of enabling the existence of a wide media linking ecosystem in which inter-relations among media items would be understandable and usable by anyone.