The Moving Picture Experts Group

Recent MPEG Standards for Future Media Ecosystems


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Christian Timmerer Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Anthony Vetro Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
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Computing now
Published on: 
October 2013

Multimedia has become pervasive in the past decade thanks to easy creation, delivery, and consumption through a vast number of devices and platforms. However, the multimedia ecosystems enabling the services we use in our daily lives can be quite complex and typically involve multiple parties, ranging from various providers (network/content/service) to device manufacturers and software developers acting on different layers and levels of an end-to-end system architecture. Interoperability among those parties is thus an important issue that must be considered when working in this domain. In general, standards enable interoperability — and there are so many to choose from — but it's important that they be open in the sense that they're publicly available as well as drafted, designed, and maintained following an open process (that is, no single-company ownership in the final standard).