The Moving Picture Experts Group

MPEG-M: Multimedia Service Platform Technologies


Name Affiliation
Panos Kudumakis Queen Mary University London
Xin Wang Huawei
Sergio Matone CEDEO
Mark Sandler Queen Mary University London
Magazine name: 
IEEE SIGNAL PROC MAG vol. 28, (6) 159-163
Published on: 
November 2011

MPEG-M is a suite of ISO/IEC standards (ISO/IEC 23006) that has been developed under the auspices of Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). MPEG-M, also known as Multimedia Service Platform Technologies (MSPT), facilitates a collection of middleware application programming interfaces (APIs) and elementary services (ESs) as well as service aggregation so that service providers (SPs) can offer users a plethora of innovative services by extending current Internet Protocol television (IPTV) technology toward the seamless integration of personal content creation and distribution, e-commerce, social networks, and Internet distribution of digital media.