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MPEG-1 Reference Software

MPEG-1 Reference Software

MPEG doc#: N7646
Date: Oct. 2005

This Technical Report was developed in response to the growing need for a generic coding method of moving pictures and of associated sound for various applications such as digital storage media, television broadcasting and communication. The use of this specification means that motion video can be manipulated as a form of computer data and can be stored on various storage media, transmitted and received over existing and future networks and distributed on existing and future broadcasting channels.

This International Standard provides a C language software simulation of an encoder and decoder for Part 1 (Systems), Part 2 (Video), and Part 3 (Audio) of ISO/IEC 11172.



 TR 11172-5:1998

Part 5: Software simulation



Standard: MPEG-1
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-1 5 Software simulation This standards provides elements of MPEG-1 software simulation