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Stereoscopic Video Application Format

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Stereoscopic Video Application Format


MPEG doc#: N11011
Date: Oct. 2009
Authors: Kugjin Yun, Jangwon Lee, Kyuheon Kim



In today’s technological arena, three-dimensional content services are considered as one of the most promising applications for the next step of home and mobile video entertainment fields. The market of applying stereoscopic video contents on digital devices is getting expanded and matured in movie, broadcasting and communications sectors. There are already various types of digital devices such as laptops, mobile phones and digital TVs available for capturing and displaying stereoscopic video contents in the market. However, these stereoscopic contents have difficulties in storage, interchange, management, editing, and presentation due to the lack of a common file format, which is considered as the hurdle for immersive 3D market. Thus, MPEG has recently completed the development of a new application standard format called as “Stereoscopic Video AF”, which provides the file format for an interoperable storage format of stereoscopic video and associated audio, images, and metadata in mobile environment.


The Stereoscopic Video AF is used as a common file format for playback and storage of stereoscopic contents on various 3D mobile devices. This standard provides various features as being shown in the Figure 1.

  • Playback and storage of stereoscopic contents including various stereoscopic composition types

  • Playback and storage of stereo-monoscopic mixed contents

  • User interaction by scene representation for stereoscopic contents

  • Interchange of stereoscopic contents between various 3D mobile devices

  • Supporting the compatibility with legacy file format such as ISO base media file format

  • Supporting the visual safety information for stereoscopic contents

Figure1. Stereoscopic Video AF Features