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XML Technologies

ISO/IEC 23001 (MPEG systems technologies) Part 1 [1], also called Binary MPEG format for XML or BiM, provides a standardized set of generic technologies for encoding XML documents. It addresses a broad spectrum of applications and requirements by providing generic methods for transmitting and compressing XML documents.

ISO/IEC 23001-1 provides a specification which (i) gives rules for the preparation of XML documents for efficient transport and storage, and (ii) enables the development of ISO/IEC 23001-1 terminals to receive, decode and assemble possibly partitioned and compressed XML documents.

The binary MPEG format for XML relies on schema knowledge between encoder and decoder in order to reach high compression efficiency, while providing fragmentation mechanisms for ensuring transmission and processing flexibility. The specification also defines means to compile and transmit schema knowledge information to enable the decoding of compressed XML documents without a priori schema knowledge at the receiving terminal.

The binary format for XML described in this specification can be used for encoding MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 descriptions, as specified in ISO/IEC 15938-1 (MPEG-7 Systems)[3] and 21000-16 (MPEG-21 Binary Format)[4], respectively.

Standard: MPEG-21
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-21 16 Binary format Specification of a binary format for Digital Items
Standard: MPEG-B
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-B 1 Binary MPEG format for XML A specification of a binary representation of XML data