The Moving Picture Experts Group

How to join

MPEG has attracted a large number of researchers from both industry and academia because it has succeeded to respond to the needs for standards coming from the industry with standards that satisfy the expectation of consumers. The enthusiasm and dedication of MPEG delegates operating in a competitive but friendly and thus stimulating environment has been instrumental to this achievement. It should be kept in mind, though, that standard setting is a delicate activity because of the impact that choices made at the time a standard is defined may have on subsequent industrial and commercial activities. Joining MPEG, in other words, is not like joining a conference, even though some delegates say that MPEG meetings are often more stimulating and rewarding than conferences. Attendance at MPEG meetings requires accreditation by a National Standards Body or standards committee in liaison.

You can find detailed information about the National Standards Body in your country here. Please mention: ISO, JTC 1, SC 29.