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by Philip Merrill, September 2018

High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) pose several challenges to deployment such as the need for 10-bit sample data. Managing emerging technical details is necessary for engineers... Read More

by Philip Merrill - July 2018

Immersive media is a broad challenge MPEG-I has taken on and Omnidirectional MediA Format (OMAF) supports its first round of requirements. Getting past the burden of large file sizes for more... Read More

by Philip Merrill - June 2018

Common Media Application Format (CMAF) is part of MPEG-A, which integrates existing MPEG technologies in application formats to improve interoperability for specific applications. CMAF is the result... Read More

By Philip Merril - January 2018

The pursuit of reconfigurability in MPEG specification allows a bottom-up rethinking of how digital standards can be represented. The reconfigurable work that has been done for MPEG-4 Simple and AVC... Read More

by Philip Merrill - October 2017

About 10 years ago MPEG Audio experts took on the challenge of enhancing MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) with a speech-encoding path, enabling source material to be encoded in a manner best... Read More

by Philip Merrill - July 2017

The game room kids dream of having would make the imaginary real, and MPEG-V provides a way to sense what is going on in the room and control effects-devices accordingly. Movies and games can be... Read More

by Philip Merrill - June 2017

Multimedia Linking Application Format (MLAF) has standardized a "bridget." This links bridge points between digital media resources potentially including time-period segments. Bridgets can be shared... Read More

By Philip Merrill - April 2017

Unlike MPEG-2 TS or ISO Base Media File Format (BMFF), MPEG Media Transport was designed to support the emerging need for highly dynamic signal transport. Ad insertions provide the conventionally... Read More

By Philip Merrill - April 2017

With MPEG, certain words have associations and so it is possible to break down the name Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP. "Adaptive" implies the ability for the client to adapt the experience to... Read More