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also know as MPEG, the Moving Picture Experts Group.

The MPEG acronym is also used to indicate a suite of

ISO/IEC digital media standards developed by this JTC 1 Working Group.


The Moving Picture Experts Group

2-d video coding

Standard: MPEG-1
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-1 2 Video This standard specifies a compressed progressive video format
Standard: MPEG-2
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-2 2 Video This standard specifies a compression format for interlaced video
Standard: MPEG-4
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-4 2 Video This standard specifies a compression format for video objects
MPEG-4 7 Optimised software for MPEG-4 tools This standard specifies an optimised version of reference software for video
MPEG-4 10 Advanced Video Coding This standard specifies a video compression format more efficient than MPEG-4 Visual
MPEG-4 29 Web Video Coding Specification of a video compression format whose baseline profile is intended to be Type 1
MPEG-4 31 Video Coding for Browsers A standard that is expected to include a Type 1 Baseline Profile and one or more Type 2 Profiles
MPEG-4 33 Internet Video Coding Exploration targeting type 1 video compression format
Standard: MPEG-B
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-B 11 Green Metadata A standard that defines metadata enabling a decoder to consume less energy while providing a usable video
Standard: MPEG-C
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-C 6 Tools for reconfigurable media coding implementations Collection of tools to implement RVC
Standard: MPEG-H
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-H 2 High Efficiency Video Coding HEVC provides a novel video format with a compression capability twice that of AVC
MPEG-H 14 Conversion and coding practices for high-dynamic-range and wide-colour-gamut video A technical report providing examples of conversion and coding of high-dynamic-range and wide-colour-gamut video
Standard: MPEG-5
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-5 1 Essential Video Coding A video coding standard for those who want to use an ISO standard but cannot use HEVC
Standard: Exploration
Standard Part # Part name Description
Exploration 14 Additional Support for Coding of Interlaced Video in HEVC Exploration on the possible addition of interlace-specific coding tools in HEVC
Exploration 25 Network Distributed Media Coding Support for transcoding
Exploration 31 Low Complexity Video Coding Enhancements Specification of a data stream structure defined by two component streams, a base stream decodable by a hardware decoder, and an enhancement stream suitable for software processing implementation with sustainable power consumption. The enhancement stream will provide new features such as compression capability extension to existing codecs, lower encoding and decoding complexity, for on demand and live streaming applications.