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also know as MPEG, the Moving Picture Experts Group.

The MPEG acronym is also used to indicate a suite of

ISO/IEC digital media standards developed by this JTC 1 Working Group.


The Moving Picture Experts Group


Standard: MPEG-4
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-4 24 Audio-System interaction Specification of interactions between an audio and a systems subsystem
MPEG-4 25 3D Graphics Compression Model Specification of a model for 3DG compression
Standard: MPEG-21
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-21 1 Vision, Technologies and Strategy Initial outline of the MPEG-21 standard
Standard: MPEG-A
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-A 1 Purpose for Multimedia Application Formats A TR outlining the scope and development plan of the MPEG-A project
Standard: MPEG-V
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-V 1 Architecture MPEG-V provides an architecture and specifies associated information representations to enable interoperability between virtual worlds and between real and virtual worlds. This standard outlines the Architecture, and lists the components, APIs and use cases
Standard: MPEG-M
Standard Part # Part name Description
MPEG-M 1 Architecture This standard provides and overview of MPEG-M and specifies the high level API of MPEG-M
Standard: Exploration
Standard Part # Part name Description
Exploration 21 Big Media Architecture for Big Data applied to Media