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PSAF Reference Model

by Philip Merrill - January 2017

Like other MPEG-A assemblages, Publish/Subscribe Application Format (PSAF) leverages the standards work that went into -4, -7, -21 and anything on the shelf that deserves to be pulled together into... Read More

by Philip Merrill - October 2016

A new high gear for rapid searches based on image content, Compact Descriptors for Visual Search, emerged from related image-description work developed through many years in MPEG-7. Specific to... Read More

MPEG logo

On 19 October 2016, MPEG will host a workshop in Chengdu, China, to discuss its roadmap for standardization activities. Industry Executives from the Region will talk about their views and thoughts on emerging media technologies, products and... Read More

by Philip Merrill - September 2016

The flexibility of MPEG 3D Audio called for a new approach to dynamic range and loudness control, able to adjust to the standard's wide range of scenarios. Beyond meeting that need, MPEG-D... Read More

by Philip Merrill - August 2016

Augmented Reality Application Format contains and streams resource information that can bring alive AR scenes and packages that augment images from our daily life with virtual add-ons. Supported by... Read More

A Head Mounted Display fro VR

July 2016 - Survey due 18 August

MPEG is aware of the immense interest of several industry segments in content, services and products based on Virtual Reality (VR) and believes that VR is a complex ecosystem. The initial... Read More

by Philip Merrill - June 2016

Movie special effects are commonly used to make the imaginary look real, but by processing images from different sources new sides of what is visible can be presented. The feeling of "being there" in... Read More


By Philip Merrill - May 2016

The number of online services keeps increasing, and with it the content provided by services, both in titles and variety. The average user is swamped in this ocean of choices and is often... Read More


By Philip Merrill - May 2016

The addition of Screen Content Coding (SCC) to HEVC's toolkit addresses the world of graphics, text, and animation directly, adjusting to this kind of content's unique properties that call... Read More