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What is the history of 3D Graphics Compression group?

3D Graphics Compression group began in Tokyo in summer of 1995 under the name SNHC (Synthetic/Natural Hybrid Coding). Compared to the Audio, Systems and Visual activities, the SNHC is a more recent addition to the MPEG‑4 work plan.The SNHC Call for Proposals (CFP) was issued in March 1996. CFP Amendments followed in July 1996, with initial evaluation of proposals in September 1996.SNHC Verification Model development started also in September, with refinements as well as some added functionalities and a succession of core experiments defined in the November 1996, February and April 1997 meetings.The Preliminary Working Draft for SNHC was released in February 1997, and the integration of its activities with the main MPEG‑4 parts began in April 1997.In 1999, the version 1 MPEG‑4 standard included face animation, 2D mesh coding, and view-dependent coding technologies in SNHC.In 2000, body animation and 3D model coding tools are newly added as version 2 tools in MPEG‑4. The animation framework extension (AFX) started with a call for proposals in March 2000 and became ISO/IEC 14496‑16 in February 2004.MPEG‑J extensions for rendering started in March 2004 and became ISO/IEC 14496‑21 in Jan. 2006.In October 2005, the name has changed from SNHC to 3D Graphics Compression (3DGC).