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MP20 Workshop on MPEG Roadmap

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On 19 October 2016, MPEG will host a workshop in Chengdu, China, to discuss its roadmap for standardization activities. Industry Executives from the Region will talk about their views and thoughts on emerging media technologies, products and services. Topics include the capture, distribution and consumption of novel immersive TV and media and services, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and more. They will also lay out their needs for media standards, in particular MPEG standards, in the 2020 time frame.

MPEG representatives will present MPEG’s ongoing work and 5-year plan. The talks and presentations will be followed by a discussion on developments in media and standardization requirements, in which the audience can participate.

The workshop is co-located with the MPEG meeting in Chengdu, taking place on the Wednesday afternoon of the MPEG week. The location and time are:

California Garden Hotel(加州花园酒店).

No.258 Shawan Road, Jinniu District

Chengdu, 33 610031, China

Wednesday, 19 October 2016, 14:00 – 17:30 hours

While MPEG meetings are normally accessible to MPEG delegates only, this workshop is open to any interested party. It is free of charge. If you are interested in participating and you are not an MPEG delegate, then please see below for contact details.


The program will consist of a series of talks from the invited executives, and a presentation of MPEG’s 2020 Roadmap, followed by a panel discussion with the speakers and the audience. The exact order and titles will be announced shortly, in an update to this document.


José Roberto Alvarez      Director, Strategy and Planning at Huawei R&D, USA and Co-chair, MPEG Roadmap Activity

Rob Koenen                     Principal, TNO, and Co-chair, MPEG Roadmap Activity

Invited Speakers

Chieteuk Ahn           Senior VP Broadcasting, Media R&D Center, ETRI

Wenfei Jian              Senior Expert, Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Zhang Pei                 Director of Home Internet Research Center for China Unicom

Toshiyuki Ogura        Distinguished Engineer, Sony Corporation

Raymond Pao           Vice President VR New Technology, HTC

Wenbo Sun               CEO, LetinVR Digital Technology Company

Yuji Yamana              Senior Engineering Manager, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

Wenjun Zhang          VP, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

MPEG Speakers

Leonardo Chiariglione    Convenor, MPEG

Rob Koenen                     Co-chair, MPEG Roadmap Activity

Organising Committee

José Roberto Alvarez      Director, Strategy and Planning at Huawei R&D, USA  

Leonardo Chiariglione    Convenor of MPEG, Italy

Thierry Fautier                Vice President Video Strategy, Harmonic; President Chair, UHD Forum, USA

Tiejun Huang                  Professor and Director of the Institute for Digital Media Technology, Peking University, China

Rob Koenen                     Principal, TNO, The Netherlands

Jeayeon Song                  Director Multimedia Standardisation, Samsung, Korea

Teruhiko Suzuki              Senior Manager and Distinguished Engineer at Sony Corp, Japan


If you want to attend the workshop and you are not an MPEG delegate, please contact

Rob Koenen at

For information on the local logistics, please contact:

牛朝晖 (Sunny Niu)

+86 139 012 135 77.