The Moving Picture Experts Group

MPEG events


MPEG-H 3D Audio workshop Stockholm SE 12/07/18
MP100E - an Event to celebrate the 100th meeting Geneva CH 12/05/02
MPEG-H 3D Audio workshop San José US 12/02/08

MPEG Workshop on Visual Search

Geneva CH 10/07/28
MPEG Multimedia Standards workshop Xi'an CN 10/10/30
MPEG Media Transport Kyoto UK 10/01/20
MPEG Media Transport London UK 09/07/01
1st MXM Developers' Day London UK 09/06/30
4th Workshop on future of video coding Busan KR 08/10/13
3rd Workshop on future of video coding Hannover DE 08/07/22
First MAF Awareness Event San José, CA US 07/04/28
2nd Workshop on future of video coding Nice FR 05/10/16
Seminar on MPEG-21 Poznań PL 05/07/27
Workshop on future of video coding Busan KR 05/04/20
Seminar on 3DAV Awaji Is. JP 02/12/08
3rd MPEG-7 Awareness Event Fairfax, VA US 02/05/03-04
2nd MPEG-7 Seminar Singapore SG 01/03/10
1st MPEG-7 Seminar Paris FR 00/10/28
MPEG-21 Seminar Noordwijkerhout NL 00/03/22
MPEG-4 Seminar Vancouver, BC CA 99/07/17
MPEG Seminar Milan IT 99/02/26
MPEG-4 demonstrations Atlantic City, NJ US 98/10/13
MPEG-4 Seminar San Jose, CA US 98/01/31
MPEG-4 Seminar Fribourg CH 97/11/01
MPEG-7 Seminar Bristol UK 97/04/09