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Which MPEG-4 Systems profiles are distinguished?

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In the context of MPEG-4 Systems Scene Graph Profiles and OD Profiles are distinguished. Several scene graph profiles are currently defined: Audio, Simple2D, Complete2D and Complete. They specify the scene description nodes and ROUTEs which are allowed to be present in the scene description. These profiles do not prescribe what media nodes are allowed in the scene description. This information is inferred from the Audio and Visual profiles.

  • The Simple2D profile profiles for the minimal set of tools necessary to place one or more media (video and audio) objects in a scene. It is intended for applications such as the emulation of traditional broadcast TV. ROUTEs and BIFS animation are not supported in conjunction with this profile.
  • The Complete2D profile provides 2D scene description functionalities and is intended for applications supporting features such as 2D transformations and alpha blending. It defines the set of 2D graphics primitives which are allowed to be present in a scene description.
  • The Audio profile is intended for applications that use only audio features, such as radio broadcast.
  • The Complete profile comprises the complete set of capabilities, i.e. all nodes, ROUTEs, BIFS animation and BIFS updates. It is intended for applications that will use the whole spectrum of scene description features made available by this specification like virtual world with streaming media.