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Where do the needs for MPEG-4 Visual come from? What are the targeted applications?

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At the beginning of the work on MPEG-4, the objective of the new standard was to address very low bitrate coding issues. But its target was considerably modified in order to take the changes in the audiovisual environment into account, by addressing the new demands that arise in a world in which more and more audiovisual material is exchange in digital form. New issues that were to be covered by a standard were for instance interactivity with the content, and improved compression for storage and transmission of limited capacities.

Targeted applications are for instance :

  • Internet Multimedia
  • Interactive Video Games
  • Interpersonal Communications (Videoconferencing, Videophone etc.)
  • Interactive Storage Media (optical disks, etc.)
  • Multimedia Mailing
  • Networked Database Services (via ATM, etc.)
  • Remote Emergency Systems
  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Wireless Multimedia
  • Broadcasting Applications