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What are exactly the functionalities that are supported by MPEG-4 Video?

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MPEG-4 supports eight key functionalities, that can be gathered around three classes:

  • Content-based interactivity:
    • Object-based Multimedia Access Tools.
    • Object-based Bitstream Manipulation and editing, by providing means for editing a video object.
    • Object-Based Random Access, by providing efficient methods to access objects at any point in the bitstream within a limited time and with fine resolution.
    • Hybrid Natural and Synthetic Data Coding, by providing syntactic elements and tools to allow coding of Synthetic data together with Video data, and mixing and synchronization of these streams.
  • Compression:
    • Improved Video Compression Efficiency, by providing a subjective video quality that is better than the quality achieved by similar or emerging standard in similar conditions.
  • Universal Access:
    • Robustness to Information Errors and Loss, by providing tools to achieve object-based error protection for a variety of wired and wireless networks and storage media, with possibly severe error conditions.
    • Object Resolution Scalability, by providing tools and syntactic elements to achieve spatial and temporal scalability with a fine granularity in terms of content and quality.
    • Object Scalability, by providing the ability to add or drop video objects from a coded scene.