The Moving Picture Experts Group

What are the applications targeted by 3D Graphics Compression group?

3D Graphics Compression group’s target applications are those in which some combination of the following media characteristics make the most sense to represent a scene: real-time media display, high compression of media content vs. rendering power in terminals, streaming data (audio, video, text, geometry, parameters, etc.) combined with downloaded scene constructions, natural and synthetic data, synchronization of multiple streams and/or downloaded A/V objects, and/or media delivery that keeps the component parts of the media composition segregated for content-based access and manipulation. Examples of 3DGC applications include:

  • Low-bitrate interpersonal audio-visual conferencing in real-time or by e-mail
  • Networked synthetic environments integrating virtual humans with supporting graphics and spatialized audio
  • Multimedia and informational broadcasting (e.g. program guides, graphic financial news, ads, overlays on sporting and other public events) with overlay and animation of text, images, and graphics on static or video backgrounds
  • Internet or Web music or graphics that uses compressed structured real-time media
  • Distance learning that combines audio, video, text, annotations/pointers, and graphics on an animated whiteboard
  • Communication karaoke that combines music scoring, video, text, and a lyric pointer augmented by other special effects
  • Text-to-speech synthesis for story telling on demand or animation of a facial model;
  • Efficient compression of texture and 2D/3D meshes for mapping, rendering or reanimation on a terminal
  • Server-based view-dependent terrain or object rendering
  • View-scalable audio-video in 2D/3D environments
  • Image mapping on animated meshes; mesh-augmented video manipulation and dubbing
  • MIDI integration with other media in a synthetic environment
  • Interactive multimedia presentations (e.g. product/service promotion, virtual travel agency)
  • Mixed media training systems
  • CD-ROM guided tours
  • Remote manuals
  • Virtual Presenters/Assistants
  • On-line Gaming