The Moving Picture Experts Group

MPEG Strategic Standardisation Roadmap

In this document, MPEG lays out its medium-term Strategic Standardisation Roadmap, aimed at collecting feedback from the broadcasting, content and service provision, media equipment manufacturing and telecommunication industry, and anyone in professional and B2B industries dealing with media.

We are advertising our plans so that industry can influence the direction of international digital media standardisation. If you represent an industry that relies on standards-based interoperability in audiovisual products, services and applications, MPEG would be very interested to hear about your needs and vision, for example by answering the following questions:

  • Which needs do you see for media standardisation, between now and 5 years out?
  • What MPEG standardisation roadmap would best meet your needs?
  • To accommodate your use cases, what should MPEG's priorities be for the delivery of specific standards? For example, do you urgently need something that may enable basic functionality now, or can you wait for a more optimal solution to be released later?
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