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Guideline for uploading technical articles to MPEG Home page


MPEG has produced various multimedia standards of not only compression but also description and storage and etc. For easier understanding developed standards as the first step, MPEG provides white papers, which explains purpose, how to work and how to be used. Also, in order to improve insight of and share the information of how MPEG standard is used, MPEG Home Page is to indicate articles or papers relevant to MPEG standard.  

This guideline is to provide what type of articles to be considered and how to upload and handle these articles in MPEG Home page (

2Articles in consideration

MPEG considers technical articles or papers of using MPEG standard technologies which have been published before. Also, articles on products using MPEG standard technologies are considered, however, they should be written by multiple organisations.

Since MPEG considers only articles or papers published before, the decision of whether a indication of the articles is available in MPEG Home Page will be made on the basis of only relevancy to MPEG standard.

3Procedure of uploading an article

The procedure of uploading an article in MPEG web page is as follows:

  1. Author of a paper/outreach element creates an user account with
  1. name, affiliation, email (mandatory)
  2. other elements (optional)

2.       One author

  1. creates a hidden article page with
    1. article/outreach element data (mandatory) for review
    2. other elements (optional)
  2. uploads article/outreach element for review
  3. selects chair/appointed reviewer from list

3.       Selected chair/appointed reviewer

  1. Reviews article/outreach element
  2. Selects yes/no
  3. Delete article/outreach element

4.       Article/outreach element article is available by indicating link information in MPEG web page (



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