The Moving Picture Experts Group

The 2nd MMT Developer’s Day

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Convention and Conference Centre
Place de Bordeau
99999 Strasbourg

The 2nd MMT Developers’ Day Program

MPEG Media Transport (MMT) has progressed to be IS stage in March, 2014. The 1st MMT Developer’s Day was successfully held at the previous Sapporo MPEG meeting. In some countries such as China, France, Israel, Japan, and Korea, development of MMT is now under way.  

In order to share the MMT development status, the second MMT special session is hold.  

-­‐ Date     : October, 22 (Wednesday) , 14:00~17:00

-­‐   Venue  :  Palais de la Musique et des Congrès, Lobby

1.    MMT-­‐based Transport Technology for Advanced Services in Super Hi-­‐Vision (NHK)

: This video clip shows key technologies of 8K Super Hi-­‐Vision Satellite Broadcasting System including MMT. The

clip also shows MMT enabled hybrid services.  Contact: Shuichi Aoki (aoki.s-­‐

2.    Reliable UHD Video Transmission by MMT FireFort LDGM Codes (NTT)

: we show video about Reliable UHD Video Transmission  by using MMT FireFort LDGM Codes. Contact: Takayuki Nakachi (

3.    Design of an MMT Caching Middlebox for Effective Bandwidth Utilization  (KAIST) 

: In this Demo, we present the caching middlebox for MMT content by using content-­‐based caching. By using MMT caching middlebox, we show that it can reduce the bandwidth not only for the duplicated content request, but also aliased content, which has different asset name or package name. For this, we define a method of generating chunk ID for caching MMT content and protocol between server and middlebox.  

Contact: KyoungSoo Park (

4.   QoS-­‐Managed MMT Streaming for Effective Bandwidth Sharing and Media adaptation (Kyunghee Univ.)

: This demonstration  presents the use case for QoS management that can be effectively used for network bandwidth and adaptive media streaming. We show that it can provide the more stable quality service to the each client by method of sharing the non-­‐used bandwidth based on MMT. 

Contact: Doug Suh (

5.    The New Beginning is here; MMT (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd)

: This presents the various use cases with MMT. The demo shows the fast channel change, personalized

advertisement  insertion, group cast, multiple views with synchronization  over the MMT IP streaming.  Contact: Kyungmo Park (

6.    True Real-­‐Time MMT Streaming over LTE-­‐A (SK Telecom)

: This presents the world first trials for true real-­‐time streaming with MMT technology. This demo shows MMT

enabled the low-­‐latency streaming services over commercial LTE network.  Contact: Jongmin Lee (

7.     Technicolor's Open-­‐Standards platform for broadcast & hybrid delivery (Technicolor)

:  Technicolor's  platform provides a complete solution (from Physical layer to Application layer) for the robust delivery of multimedia contents to fixed and mobile devices over both broadcast and hybrid broadcast/broadband architectures.  Our platform is based on Open-­‐Standards such as DVB-­‐T2, DVB-­‐GSE, MPEG-­‐ MMT, MPEG-­‐DASH, Scalable HEVC (SHVC) and MPEG-­‐H 3D audio.

Contact: Mary-­‐Luc Champel (mary-­‐, Ralf  Schaefer (

8.    End-­‐to-­‐End Low Latency Broadcast platform based on MMT (Zixi)

: Zixi is providing a broadcast platform that enables low latency streaming to various devices, suitable for both unicast (over the internet) and multicast streaming. We will demonstrate an end-­‐to-­‐end solution based on MMT: Gateway from MPEG-­‐TS to MMT for ingest, MMT delivery to end devices, MMT to HLS gateway for playback.  

Contact: Omer Peled (