The Moving Picture Experts Group

Multimedia Service Platform Technologies


Name Affiliation
Panos Kudumakis Queen Mary University London
Xin Wang Huawei
Sergio Matone CEDEO
Mark Sandler Queen Mary University London
Magazine name: 
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
Published on: 
November 2011

MPEG-M, a suite of ISO/IEC standards (ISO/IEC 23006), has been developed under the auspices of Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). MPEG-M, also known as Multimedia Service Platform Technologies (MSPT), facilitates a collection of middleware application programming interfaces (APIs) and elementary services (ESs) as well as service aggregation so that service providers (SPs) can offer users a plethora of innovative services by extending current Internet Protocol television (IPTV technology toward the seamless integration of personal content creation and distribution, e-commerce, social networks, and Internet distribution of digital media.